A spotlight on: Alice Benham, 20, “Accidental Entrepreneur”, Digital Marketing Coach and all-round modern day multi-hyphenate

In the first episode of the series, I sat down with twenty-year-old Alice Benham; “Accidental Entrepreneur”, Digital Marketing Coach, podcast host, soon-to-be retreat host and all-round modern day multi-hyphenate! I first came across Alice in May 2018 when she emailed asking if she could be added to the waiting list for the second of The Midweek Mingles last May. I…

A spotlight on: Sophie Bradshaw, 37, Founder of Publishing Workshop

When you live in the Cotswolds à la Jane Austen and your surname is Bradshaw à la Carrie, one can assume that you were destined to have a way with words from day one and Sophie Bradshaw, the thirty-seven-year-old Founder of Publishing Workshop proves that (very unscientific admittedly but oh so fitting nonetheless) theory to be true. Working with first…

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