In this week’s episode, I paid a visit to meet the one and only Charlotte Pearce – Forbes ‘30 under 30’ alumna and Founder of Inkpact – the tech company that she launched in 2015 that connects businesses to their customers around the world via handwritten notes.

Discussing everything from the early days of Inkpact when Charlotte first thought of the concept to the glass of wine that helped to secure her first investor so that she could go on to scale the business; why the photo of her that was used in the Forbes ’30 under 30′ list at the time concealed the stress and anxiety that she was facing behind the scenes in reality; the thought process that went into her decision to seek a Co-Founder and how they’ve learnt to adjust to the shared leadership dynamic along the way; to why she’s so passionate about emotional intelligence and how she applies its principles to the way in which she runs her company today; what Charlotte has achieved with Inkpact in the space of three and a half years is remarkable so if you’re looking to scale or raise investment for your business, her advice should hopefully come at just the right time…

Charlotte Pearce, 27, Founder of Inkpact

For more information on Inkpact, visit the website here or find Charlotte and Inkpact on Instagram: @inkpact @thecharlottepearce

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