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A spotlight on: Angelica Malin, 28, Founder of About Time Magazine and About Time Academy

I absolutely loved chatting to this week’s guest as she just so happens to be one of the first female founders that I read about back in 2017, that inspired me to launch what has become She can. She did. The woman in question is Angelica Malin, the 28-year-old Founder and Editor-In-Chief of About Time Magazine – one of the UK’s most popular lifestyle websites that she launched five years ago, that informs its readers on everything that it’s “about time” they do in London and beyond! With an established monthly readership of 85,000 people with multiple revenue streams secured, About Time Magazine has been listed among the top 50 female-founded companies in London and Angelica has established herself as one of London’s most inspiring female entrepreneurs.

Having launched About Time at the age of 22 and recently launched the About Time Academy too – a full-service events platform showcasing the very best in pop culture, lifestyle and business – Angelica and I caught up in London last month to discuss the evolution of her business story so far. From unveiling what she prioritised in the early days of the business to ensure that the magazine hit the ground running; her experience managing the ever-growing success of the company and why she recently scaled back to rediscover and prioritise the joy in the job at hand; her advice for handling the unavoidable challenges that come with running a company with some stellar examples of said dodgy days thrown in for good measure; to how she’s learnt to deal with burn out and set boundaries between work and play; I really appreciated Angelica’s frankness throughout this chat, her words are laden with some really powerful advice, and her thoughts will no doubt stick with me personally for a long time to come…

The inspiring female entrepreneur that is Angelica Malin, 28, Founder of About Time Magazine and the About Time Academy

Angelica Malin, 28, Founder of About Time Magazine and the About Time Academy

For more information on About Time Magazine or the About Time Academy

Visit the magazine’s website here or the academy’s website here. You can also find Angelica and both companies on Instagram: @jellymalin @abouttimemag @theatacademy

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