A spotlight on: Christalena Vraila, 28, Founder of Mr Highline

On this week’s episode, I got to chat to Christalena Vraila, the twenty something Founder of Mr Highline – the creative agency based in London with global reach, that is solely focused on improving the social presence of brands belonging to the hospitality industry.

Originally from Greece, Christalena first noticed a demand from the market whilst working at the Waldorf Astoria in New York. After flying back to London, the self-confessed dreamer secured a meeting with one of London’s biggest hotels after mentioning her idea one night to a friend (who went on to make an introduction) and with a week to prepare for said meeting, Mr Highline was born. A week she goes on to describe as one of the best weeks of her life…

From her natural advice on sales and how to win over big clients; her admirable reasons for why she is so passionate about investing in a young team; to why she will never stop setting herself goals and has learnt to embrace the drama and suspense of working towards them; for someone that was once told she wouldn’t make a great business woman, Christalena, in my opinion, has definitely proved them wrong…

Young female entrepreneurs in the UK - Christalena Vraila, Founder of Mr Highline

Christalena Vraila, 28, Founder of Mr Highline

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Take a peek at the Mr Highline website here or find Christalena and her team on Instagram: @mr_highline_

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