A spotlight on: Dr Lydia Yarlott, 30, Co-Founder of Pando

Given that she delivers babies in her role as an NHS paediatrician one day and handles a multi-million pound funding round for Pando the next, it’s safe to say that thirty-year old Dr Lydia Yarlott isn’t your stereotypical business woman… In 2016, during her first year as a junior doctor, Lydia Co-Founded Pando – the life-saving app that is revolutionising the…

A spotlight on: Eloise Frank, 29, Co-Founder of The Big Bakes

I shouldn’t have favourite business ideas should I (?!) but there’s something about the concept behind The Big Bakes that you can’t help but love, so I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a tad bit more excited than normal to sit down and get this week’s recording with Eloise underway… Having been voted ‘South London’s Best Experience’ with…

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