A spotlight on: Amy Rushworth, Transformation and Healing Mentor, Spiritual Coach and SpeakerA spotlight on: Amy Rushworth, Transformation and Healing Mentor, Spiritual Coach and Speaker
Amy Rushworth

To set the scene for today’s episode, back in January I bulk recorded the last few weekly episodes of series two which were due to go out throughout the course of March but when the coronavirus came along and I launched the We can. We will. series in response, the last few episodes were put on pause for a while. This episode with Amy Rushworth being one of them!

Before we get going therefore, I just want to say a giant thank you to Amy for her patience given that this episode has taken nearly six months to go live… and let’s face it, the world looks rather different today than it did back then! Thankfully though, having checked in with Amy in recent weeks, bar having to cancel one of her retreats that was due to take place in Bali, her business has continued to thrive this year so this chat still rings true today.

As a transformation and healing mentor, spiritual coach and speaker, Amy’s work is guiding a generation of women around the world to overcome their inner critic and manifest a reality of love, purpose, prosperity and pleasure. As a newbee in London with zero network when she first launched her business however, it’s safe to say that Amy’s had to work her socks off to get to where she is today and for that reason, I have a whole lot of respect for her. From why asking the simple question that is “how can I support you?” helped so much in the early days and how her attitude to money has evolved over the years; to her useful advice for handling plagiarism and IP infringement and why she feels more confident in herself than ever before; Amy oozes confidence, she really does walk the talk so it doesn’t surprise me in the slightest that she’s as successful as she is. This is the behind the scenes story of Amy’s journey so far…


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