A spotlight on: Emily Robertson, 27, Co-Founder of Roundwood Gin

Female founded gin brands in the UK

It’s no secret that I’m a G&T girl through and through so this week’s episode, if I’m being honest, was of personal interest to me! Having first met Emily Robertson when her company, Roundwood Gin agreed to be the all-important G&T sponsor at the Birmingham leg of July’s Midweek Mingle roadshow, I instantly fell in love with her brand when she rolled up to the event in quite possibly the coolest branded gin truck going and proceeded to serve the yummiest Roundwood G&Ts (complete with a very fancy orange peel and thyme garnish) all night long.

With so many gin brands popping up left right and centre in recent years though, I was intrigued to find out why she decided to enter such a saturated market when the idea for Roundwood popped into her head in 2016 (and the reality of what launching and running a gin brand looks like behind the scenes…)

From why her and her fiancé now have a ‘no gin in the bedroom’ rule and what Co-Founding a business together has meant for their relationship; how she went about financing the brand given that launching a gin distillery is no mean feat, how she’s handled all the niggling challenges that come with product-based businesses including the initially overwhelming minimum order requirements, lead times and a missing delivery story that is up there with one of the most stressful courier stories that I’ve heard to date; to why she’s more than happy being a small fish in a big pond when it comes to the competition and why Roundwood’s focus is very much on cementing their name locally first and foremost; I already loved Roundwood Gin before this interview but I know full well that I’m going to appreciate any Roundwood G&T going forward all the more so now because of how much work Emily has put in behind the scenes to get her memorable brand off the ground…

Young female business owners in the UK

Emily Robertson, 27, Founder of Roundwood Gin

Fancy finding out more about Roundwood Gin…

Take a peek at the Roundwood Gin website here or find Emily on Instagram: @roundwoodgin

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