A spotlight on: Heidi May, 32, Founder of Aesthetic Laundry

Episode four pays tribute to the one and only Heidi May, the 32 year old Founder of Aesthetic Laundry – the confidence boosting clothing brand, renowned for its rainbow tassled jumpers and tracksuits that have been championed by the likes of Zoe Sugg and Fearne Cotton and encourage everyone to feel comfortable and empowered being exactly who they are.

From ongoing challenges with her mental health; the run in with appendicitis that left her bed bound at her busiest time of year last December; the challenges that present themselves when her creative streak refuses to cooperate with the day-to-day realities and admin involved in running a business; to the steps she’s taken to scale Aesthetic Laundry going forward; in a makeshift recording studio in her office bolstered by piles of jumpers on one side and leftover fabric draped over a mannequin on the other side, the two of us sat down on a Tuesday afternoon a few weeks back, to discuss the emotionally draining, physically exhaustive yet immensely rewarding journey she’s been on so far…

Heidi May, 32, Founder of Aesthetic Laundry

Fancy finding out more about Aesthetic Laundry?

Take a peek at the Aesthetic Laundry website here or follow Heidi on Instagram: @aesthetic_laundry @heidimichellemay

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