A spotlight on: Lauren Aston, 29, Founder of Lauren Aston Designs

Lauren Aston, the female Founder behind her self-titled company, Lauren Aston Designs

For this week’s episode, I ventured down to one of my favourite parts of the UK in Exeter to meet a female entrepreneur that has been recommended to me on numerous occasions since I launched She can. She did. back in 2017. The lady in question being Lauren Aston of course, the twenty-nine year old Founder of Lauren Aston Designs which she launched four years ago with a range of handmade chunky knits that have gone on to gain international attention from the likes of Disney, Elizabeth Arden and The Beckham family – more of that in the podcast – and more recently, DIY knit kits that provide her customers with all the tools and instructions to knit her cosy designs at home.

After seeing that Lauren had bought a ticket to The Midweek Mingle in Bristol earlier this year, I decided to hunt her down during the networking session that followed the panel to ask/beg her to feature on this podcast. Much to my relief, she said, “yes” so off I went down to Devon to record this chat last month…

Flanked by her cockapoo, Harry, the two of us sat down over coffee on Good Friday to discuss the evolution of her business story so far. From the early days of Lauren Aston Designs when it was just Lauren knitting at home on her own and how she grew the business to the extent that she now leads a team of eight, outgrew her home office and learnt quickly to prepare for the onslaught of Christmas orders throughout the year; how she’s utilised Joanne Hawker’s March Meet The Maker campaign each year to grow an engaged audience on social media and her refreshing view on paid ads and why she’ll always prioritise knitting over paid campaigns; to the more challenging aspects of being your own boss that she’s had to face behind the scenes, including the impact breaking her arm had on her mental health last year and her experience dealing with intellectual property law when a number of Chinese companies stole her designs in 2017; it’s no surprise to me why Lauren Aston Designs is doing as well as it is because incredible designs aside for a sec, Lauren isn’t afraid to embrace her inner weirdo and because of that, you can’t help but warm to her and root for her to win…

Lauren Aston, the female entrepreneur behind Lauren Aston Designs and Queen of chunky knits in the UK!

Lauren Aston with her gorgeous cockapoo, Harry! (Wearing Lauren Aston Designs of course…!)

For more information on Lauren Aston Designs…

Visit the Lauren Aston Designs website here or find Lauren (and Harry!) on Instagram here: @laurenastondesigns

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