A spotlight on: Rachel Burgess, 32, Founder of Rachel Burgess Bridal Boutique

For today’s episode of the She can. She did. podcast, I ventured to the town of Penarth on the outskirts of Cardiff to catch up with thirty-two-year-old Rachel Burgess. Having launched her own bridal boutique seven years ago, the Rachel Burgess Bridal Boutique champions the work of Welsh designers and caters for 21st century brides that want to do bridal their way.

As a farmers daughter born and raised on a free-range chicken farm in Aberystwyth, Rachel was raised to appreciate the importance of knowing where a product comes from, the value of supporting your local community and staying true to your morals in business. Over a fancy platter of pastries and coffee in her beautiful home around the corner from the Rachel Burgess Bridal Boutique last Friday, the two of us sat down to discuss the serendipitous encounter that led her to leave her job in theatre and set up her dream boutique, despite being dyslexic, having no business degree or even a maths GCSE to her name. How she has overcome the many naysayers en route and the firm but fair way she dealt with a fellow business that was blatantly copying the Boutique word for word. The direct impact exercise and self-care has had on the success of her business in recent years and how her mindset towards the business and the inevitable challenges that it presents has evolved since day one; to the incredible support network that she has found with fellow female founders in Wales and why as an outsider looking in, I think we all have a lot to learn from the power of community amongst business owners in Cardiff particularly; fresh off the back of running the London marathon four days prior to our chat, Rachel’s positive outlook, passion for supporting handmade and pride in her business was both inspiring and stirring to listen to first hand…

Rachel Burgess, Founder of The Rachel Burgess Bridal Boutique in Penarth

Rachel outside the Rachel Burgess Bridal Boutique in Penarth, Wales

For more information on the Rachel Burgess Bridal Boutique…

Visit the website here or find Rachel on Instagram: @rachel_burgess_bridal_boutique

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