A spotlight on: Rebecca Tembo, 22, Founder of the British womenswear label, Rebecca Tembo

Last week, I had the absolute pleasure of sitting down for a chat with Rebecca Tembo, the 22-year-old Founder of her self-titled clothing brand that specialises in the design and production of bespoke, luxury jumpsuits for women in both the UK and increasingly America too.

Chatting about everything from how Rebecca launched Rebecca Tembo as a student four years ago in spite of intense objection from her family at the time and the ways in which she juggles running a company with her now, 9-5 job; the depression that led her to drop out of fashion school and the impact investing in self-development has had, not just on her mental-health but her ongoing attitude to running her company today; to her unique approach to market research (which includes lots of fancy meals out in Kensington and Mayfair!) and why, as a black woman in the fashion industry, her motto is ‘be the change you want to see’; Rebecca’s ambition is not only infectious but limitless and at 22, she’s undoubtedly one to watch…

Rebecca Tembo - young, female entrepreneur and Founder of Rebecca Tembo clothing

Rebecca Tembo, 22, Founder of British womenswear label, Rebecca Tembo

For more information on Rebecca Tembo and her bespoke, luxury jumpsuits:

Visit the Rebecca Tembo website here or find Rebecca on Instagram: @rebeccatembo_

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