A spotlight on: Rosie Davies-Smith, 31, Founder of LFA and PR Dispatch

In the tenth episode of the podcast (how are we on episode ten already by the way?!), I sat down to chat to Rosie Davies-Smith, the 31-year-old Founder of the multi award-winning PR agency, LFA (formerly known as The London Fashion Agency) and its sister company PR Dispatch – the PR platform for product based businesses that enables said businesses to do their own PR independently. Having first interviewed Rosie when I launched She can. She did. back in August 2017, the two of us sat down over a glass of wine last fortnight to catch up on everything Rosie’s been up to behind the scenes since then (launching a second company, expanding her team, moving offices twice, getting married etc… to name but a few!).

Discussing everything from the numerous internships and jobs she juggled when she first moved to London in order to gain experience and her disruptive approach to launching LFA without funding in 2013, that tipped the traditional PR agency model on its head; how she has approached the recruitment process since day one to ensure that she attracts the right kind of people and what she’s learnt about managing a team of women en route; why having the difficult conversations in business is so important and why she refuses to let her dyslexia hold her back; to her ongoing struggle to switch off from work and be present in her personal life and why she doesn’t feel the need to share every single bit of press that she receives; I said it back in 2017 and I’ll say it again, Rosie is the ultimate definition of an entrepreneur in my eyes and lucky for us, she dished out a whole lot of advice…

Rosie Davies-Smith, the young, female entrepreneur behind LFA and PR Dispatch

Rosie Davies-Smith, 31, Founder of LFA and PR Dispatch

For more information on LFA and PR Dispatch:

Visit the LFA website here, the PR Dispatch website here or find both companies along with Rosie on Instagram: @lfa_agency @prdispatch @rosie_daviessmith

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