A spotlight on: Sarah Owusu, 27, self-taught artist and Founder of Owusuism

Sarah Owusu, visual artist and Founder of Owusuism

In episode two of the She can. She did. podcast series, I sat down with twenty-seven-year-old Sarah Owusu (the self-taught and seriously talented visual artist commonly known for Owusuism) to discuss the realities of being a full-time artist and how she’s managed to cement her work in the international art scene.

Discussing everything from the incident that left her temporarily paralysed aged twenty-two and how that shaped her self-worth as a business woman going forward; why she decided to leave her job in recruitment and managed the transition between painting as a hobby compared to a business; how she learnt to place a value on her designs and how her art led to a unique invitation to meet the President of Ghana; plus of course the numerous challenges that she faces being self-employed on a daily basis; naturally the road to success has been anything but easy for Sarah, but thankfully for us, she agreed to share her learnings so far…

Sarah Owusu - one of the UK's most inspiring young artists

Sarah Owusu, 27, self-taught artist and Founder of Owusuism

Fancy finding out more about Sarah Owusu…

Take a peek at the Owusuism website here or find Sarah on Instagram: @sowusu

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