A spotlight on: Sarah Richard, 31, Founder of Girls That Scuba

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This week I had the pleasure of chatting to Sarah Richard, the phenomenally inspiring Founder of Girls That Scuba – the worldwide diving movement for women that has amassed a network of 700,000 followers and members since its launch in 2016 which she has gone on to effectively monetise in a number of ways. From multiple Girls That Scuba diving trips around the world each year (which include travelling to the likes of the Maldives, Mexico, Bali and Tonga for work..!); a paid membership community which fights back against ‘pink tax’ and the Girls That Scuba merchandise that was driven by demand from her community; it’s safe to say that Sarah’s well-versed in the art of juggling multiple revenue streams. If that’s not impressive enough, earlier this year, she also launched A Waste Free World – the online shop that is committed to reducing plastic consumption that was inspired by how much plastic the Girls That Scuba community were finding on their many dives around the world.

From how she dominated a niche in the scuba diving market and how she’s dealt with the backlash from men who have criticised her decision to focus solely on women (the two of us had quite a lot to say on that topic, as I’m sure you can imagine!); what happened when the Girls That Scuba Instagram account was hacked for two weeks plus how she navigated the threats from said hacker and the lessons that Sarah drew from the experience in its wake; to the impact that her Mum’s unexpected death in 2011 had on her mindset to not just launching her own business but life in general; Sarah’s story is an amazing reminder that you really can make a big impact on the world but only if you’re willing to work for it and be the change that you want to see…

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Sarah Richard, 31, Founder of Girls That Scuba and A Waste Free World

Fancy finding out more about Girls That Scuba and A Waste Free World…

Take a peek at the Girls That Scuba website here, the A Waste Free World website here or find Sarah, Girls That Scuba and A Waste Free World on Instagram: @girlsthatscuba @awastefreeworld

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