A spotlight on Sophie Tea, 26, Founder of Sophie Tea Art

Over much-needed coffees in her Central London studio last week, I sat down to chat with Sophie Tea, the Manchester-born, London-based artist behind Sophie Tea Art.  Having begun by painting for a few family and friends after returning from her travels post-uni, Sophie has scaled Sophie Tea Art organically online to such an extent that her paintings now sell internationally for thousands of pounds in a matter of seconds… literally.

We chat about everything from how she used her art as currency in the early days of Sophie Tea Art and the series of value exchanges that enabled her to lay the foundations of the company. Her experience working on a ‘Tinder for artists’ app after graduating with a first class degree in Business and the advice from a particular investor that encouraged her to take her own art seriously. Why she’s learnt in recent weeks just how important self-care is after being close to burning out, after weeks of back-to-back travel to and from her studios in Sydney, LA and London; to what she’s learnt from best friend and fellow business owner Jenna Meek, Founder of The Gypsy Shrine and why, despite her designs selling for thousands online in literally seconds nowadays, she will always have a ‘poor mans’ attitude when it comes to any profit that her business makes…

Having admired Sophie from afar for a good few months now, my chat with her only reinforced why that is so…

Sophie Tea, the artist and Founder of Sophie Tea Art

Sophie Tea, 26, Founder of Sophie Tea Art

Want more information on Sophie Tea Art?

Visit the Sophie Tea Art website here or find Sophie on Instagram: @sophieteaart

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  • This is interesting, her sir name is Terry, I like the way she has changed it up


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