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Hello and welcome to She can. She did. – a platform that I launched in the summer of 2017, that puts the spotlight on women in their teens, twenties and thirties who’ve dared to go solo and launch their own businesses around the UK.

Be it through highlighting the stories of female founders that I admire on a panel at The Midweek Mingles – a down to earth event series for female founders and aspiring business owners around the UK, that features lots of gin (very important!) and the opportunity to meet and chat to other women that ‘get it’; the newly launched She can. She did. podcast, that has replaced the 70+ face-to-face written interviews with young, female founders in which we sit down and chat about everything they’ve had to push through to launch, run and grow the businesses that they lead today; or my own updates that unveil a real-time account of the highs and lows behind the scenes as I try to get my plans for She can. She did. off the ground; the overarching aim of She can. She did. is to demystify what goes on behind the scenes to create a successful company (sans the sugar coating) and encourage more young women that they too can do the same (if they really set their minds to it and work damn hard!).

If you’re interested in launching your own business one day, or perhaps just need a bit of encouragement with the company that you’re already running, I can safely say you’re in the right place and hope to meet you at one of The Midweek Mingles soon!

To find out more about Fi’s story prior to launching She can. She did. and the series of steps that led to her setting this up, you can find more about her here. Alternatively, feel free to have a peek at The Midweek Mingles or download and listen to the She can. She did. podcast here.

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