She can. She did. has been the best interview I have done to date. For the first time since launching the businesses I was able to deep dive into not only how they started but the early days of life. It made friends understand why I sometimes have to cancel that dinner and gave colleagues and clients an insight into how I grew up. Fi’s words made us laugh and cry. It’s the one piece of press I direct people to when they ask “how did you start LFA?”” – Rosie Davies, 29, Founder of LFA and PR Dispatch


“As a young, female entrepreneur, She Can. She Did. is the most valuable and insightful resource I have ever had the pleasure of being involved with but also having available to me at the touch of a button to explore other similar stories to my own. As a Founder of an online business, it is easy to sometimes go off track or have the days where you feel your dream is impossible to achieve. She Can. She Did. changes this for me, and gives me the ability to continue in my day to day business activities knowing that there is a network of us out there who are all experiencing the same things.

If you were to ask me what it’s like to not only start a business but sustain it? I would send you the link to She Can. She Did., advise you to get a bottle of wine in, grab a notepad and learn from some of the most inspiring female entrepreneurs out there.” – Jessica Gardiner, 27, Founder of The Assistant Room


“I absolutely loved working with She Can. She Did. – what a truly incredible experience it was. Fi was so professional, so approachable and a real pleasure to be interviewed by; I felt totally at ease. Having the opportunity to talk about my entrepreneurial journey in depth with Fi made me reflect on my achievements and has actually given me even more drive to achieve even bigger things moving forward. I’ve had wonderful feedback from my friends, family and contacts but the one to thank really is Fi for picking me.” – Jess Psaila, 27, Founder of Glossy Consulting


“Fi’s determination to celebrate female founders shines through in every aspect of her work with She Can. She Did. – she’s professional, passionate and an incredibly personable bridge between small business owners. It was such a pleasure to be interviewed by her!

Her questions were thorough, her responses insightful, and her ability to relay personal stories so that they have real relevance and purpose for other female founders is fantastic. I’ve been hooked on the blog ever since as a great source of down-to-earth small business tips and motivations. I cannot wait to see how her community grows.” – Lucy Smith, 31, Founder of Postcards Home


“I would say hands down it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done. For the first time, I’ve verbalised this journey which was such a cathartic experience. Often when you start a business, you very rarely stop to think about what you’ve actually created and your achievements. You focus on the negatives, where you’ve made mistakes or what you haven’t done but talking to Fi made me proud of myself!

Fi has an amazingly rare talent of putting you totally at ease and asking exactly the right questions which allows you to talk freely about your journey and share details of the hardest things you’ve overcome and the darkest days you’ve experienced… I think it’s so very important for women to encourage and support each other and Fi has come up with a genius way of doing just that. She’s created a space that I will visit all the time to read about other amazing women and I know that every time, I’ll be able to take so much from it!” – Rachel Fox, 35, Founder of The Beauty & Blow Dry Studio


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Fi xx


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