“We all move forward when we recognize how resilient and striking the women around us are” – Rupi Kaur

Q. Why did you set up She can. She did.?
For so many reasons, some more complex than others.

First and foremost, because I think that in today’s day and age, going it alone takes some guts. There are so many weird and wonderful stories out there of young women sticking two fingers up to societies expectations of them and going at it alone that do not get the attention that they so rightly deserve. It is these women that I want to shine a spotlight on. Their skills and specialities may differ but they all have something aplaudable in common. They’re not afraid to take risks. They’re not afraid to stand up against the convention. And they let their ambition know no bounds.

Secondly, where social media spoils us with choice, it can be truly overwhelming to work out what exactly you want to be. There’s pressure put on us in school, in university and in life in general that you’ve instantly made it if you get the big, glitsy job in the big, glitsy city when in reality, a lot of those big glitsy jobs pay poorly whilst working you to the ground or lure you in with fancy incentives and bulging pay slips to disguise the fact that the day-to-day job at hand isn’t half as glamourous as meets the eye. To put it bluntly, you become just another cog in the big corporate machine. Now don’t get me wrong, there are many companies out there that look after their staff and provide genuinely incredible opportunities so I know that this blog won’t appeal to everyone. But having spoken to a lot of girls my age, friends, friends of friends and former colleagues, a lot of twenty and thirty somethings are heading off to work today to a job they know full well isn’t their dream career but the pressures of paying rent, bills and maintaining an instagram-worthy social life trap them in it. It’s those women that She can. She did. is reaching out to.

And lastly, if I’m being really honest, on a selfish level I want some inspiration myself. I want to meet the women that I’m hearing about, I want to learn from them, their do’s, their do not’s, and I want to turn on my laptop each day knowing that I’m writing about people and a project that truly excites me.

Q. Why are you aiming this at women who started their business under the age of 40? Why not self-employed women of all ages?
I’ve heard this one a lot and I did actually toy with the idea of writing about women of all ages. However, in all of those “what would you tell your younger self?” interview questions often asked to the mightily successful, the answers usually sound a lot like “I wish I’d made the step sooner”.

As girls and women, along with period pain and childbirth, we pulled the short straw yet again with self-confidence. Statistics show that men are more likely to go for the top jobs out there because they aren’t phased by the areas in which they lack experience. Whereas us girls, let’s face it, are more likely to talk ourselves out of something the minute we feel out of our depth. We dither, we delay, we tell ourselves “maybe one day”.

And I’m a prime example of that. I grew up in a household where both of my parents worked their way up in their respective careers for a good thirty years before deciding to bite the bullet, take huge pay cuts and take the plunge into the unknown world of the self-employed. Dad’s commute was to the garage at the end of the garden. Mum’s was downstairs into the former-dining room-turned-office. Whilst their salaries weren’t half of that they used to be, they were happier than ever. But I convinced myself that it was something I should work towards. Like them, I’d work my way up in the corporate world, earn some pennies and then go solo when I had the experience to be taken seriously and the all important dollar to support it…

But there are young women out there who are making a name for themselves on their own now. They are turning their hobbies into successful careers today. And given that university fees are soaring through the roof, job applications are becoming more and more competitive and social media has opened up a whole new career path for hundreds of millennials, who says you need decades of experience to go it alone?


Q. What are you hoping She can. She did. will achieve?
If She can. She did. inspires just one woman to listen to that business idea eating away at them inside their brain on their daily commute into work, the one that they know if they had the opportunity to go for it, would make them truly happy, then to me, this blog will be a success.

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