A spotlight on: Anisha Parmar, Founder of Anisha Parmar London
Anisha Parmar London

I’d say series 4 is back with a bang ladies but let’s face it, series 3 only wrapped up a month ago… I think we all know that might sound a tad OTT! Instead, I’ll say that I love recording these interviews too much to wait months on end for a dramatic return so here we are, primed and ready to go with an episode that will go down as one of my favourites to date!

To kick series four off, I had a chat with the vivacious and incredibly talented woman that is Anisha Parmar, Founder of her self-titled jewellery brand, Anisha Parmar London. Personally hand made by Anisha from her studio that is now in Derby, Anisha Parmar London celebrates Anisha’s British Asian heritage through a number of bold, intricate and authentic designs.

Recorded on Saturday morning, this is the story that Anisha has been on behind the scenes over the past five years and how she’s navigated stepping away from a career path that as a first generation British-born Asian, in her own words, “was expected of her”, to create a brand and business for herself that she is truly passionate about.

From the early days of Anisha Parmar London when Anisha set up shop at Spitalfields Market and how she went about getting the brand in front of key buyers thereafter; why she decided to switch from wholesale to BTC sales in the years that followed and how that business model has played out in lockdown; to what her internal journey as a female founder has looked and felt like in reality as her confidence, self-care routine and effort to juggle running a business with her personal life has evolved along the way too; it’s one inspiring story, one that I won’t be forgetting anytime soon, and for that reason, as always, I hope you enjoy it!


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