A spotlight on: Anna Hushlak, Co-Founder of Ferly
with Anna Hushlak, Co-Founder of Ferly

TRIGGER WARNING: Please note that we speak about Anna and Co-Founder Billie’s shared history of sexual assault at various points throughout this conversation.

I’m inspired by every single woman that I’ve interviewed on this podcast but there are some stories that stand out and this episode with Anna Hushlak is one of them. 

As the Co-Founder of Ferly – the audio guide to mindful sex that is on a mission to support and empower people to improve their sexual wellbeing – Anna sat down to chat with me a few weeks back about the evolution of hers and Co-Founder Billie’s business journey so far.

From how they went about really understanding the universal problem at hand and their problem-first approach to all business decisions and research because of that; how they have handled numerous cynical comments since entering the space and their advice for all of us on how best to hold our nerve in those conversations; to how Billie and Anna’s relationship has evolved since day one and why being the Co-Founder of Ferly has provided Anna with a powerful filtering method when dating (LOVED this bit!); she’s one incredibly strong woman – they both are in fact – so I hope that you find their story be as empowering as I did. 

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