A spotlight on: Benedicta Banga, Founder of Blaqbase
Benedicta Banga Founder of Blaqbase

Blaqbase is the shopping app Founded by Benedicta Banga, that supports black owned businesses in the UK by bringing high quality black owned products together and allowing customers to buy them via Blaqbase directly. Having launched on black pound day in June and gained extensive press coverage from the likes of Stylist, Marie Claire, Sky News and the BBC thereafter, I chatted to Benedicta a few weeks ago to discuss her self-funded business journey so far… and the numerous iterations, tweaks and testing that has gone on behind the scenes!

From how she built the app without developers and learnt to embrace the curveballs and opportunities that running a business can throw your way; why she’s so passionate about reminding people that the only reality we can truly trust online is our own; to her advice on dealing with online abuse having experienced it herself in the aftermath of an interview on Sky news, Benedicta’s story is yet another example of what truly goes on behind the scenes to launch and grow a sustainable business and for that reason, I couldn’t have loved recording it more!

 Listen to Benedicta’s story in full here:

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