A spotlight on: Tiffany Ceri, 28 & Lara Goodison, 30, Co-Founders of Brush & Bubbles

Inspiring entrepreneurs in the UK

Any two women that pop open a bottle of bubbly pre-interview get my vote regardless (!) but I’ve admired this week’s episode guests (aka. the creative and utterly charming duo behind Brush & Bubbles) from afar, since the early days of launching She can. She did.

Having first met when the three of us all spoke on a panel at one of The Authentic Project’s events in early 2018, I’ve watched in awe over the past two years as Lara and Tiff have grown Brush & Bubbles – the predominately London-based art classes for people of all abilities, that as the name suggests, features a whole lot of bubbles too –  at such an impressive rate, to the point that they now work on the brand full time, have hired their first member of staff and have transformed what was initially a side hustle to support their unpredictable careers as actresses, into a profitable business that gives them purpose, a sense of worth and in their own words, “saved them.”

From their hilarious memories of marketing the brand in the early days (which may or may not have included hours of unsuccesful leafleting to drunk Londoners around Soho each night) and how their marketing techniques have evolved as their confidence in their brand has grown; how they’ve dealt with the inevitable challenges that have cropped up en route and learnt to put said challenges into perspective in an attempt to stay calm under pressure; what they’ve learnt about each other since going into business and their heartfelt advice for anyone looking to launch a business; to their welcomed admission that before launching Brush & Bubbles, they had no diea what ‘turnover’ meant so if they can launch a business anyone can; these two really are smashing it at the moment and for me, are living proof that persistence and a whole lot of hard work always pays off!

Inspiring entrepreneurs in the UK

Tiffancy Ceri (left) and Lara Goodison (right), the two absolute legends behind Brush & Bubbles

Fancy finding out more about Brush & Bubbles…

Take a peek at the Brush & Bubbles website here or find Tiff and Lara on Instagram: @brushandbubbles

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