A spotlight on: Elsie Rutterford, 33, and Dominika Minarovic, 32, Co-Founders of BYBI

Co-Founders of BYBI Beauty

In this week’s episode, I paid a visit to BYBI HQ in London to sit down for a chat with the beauty brand’s commendable Co-Founders, Dominika Minarovic and Elsie Rutterford.

Having first met at work, the former colleagues’ shared interest in wellness led to the market-leading blog on all things clean beauty that is Clean Beauty Insiders. Clean Beauty Insiders led to a book deal with Penguin in 2017 and soon after – post-training in how to formulate and securing a Virgin Start-Up loan each – BYBI was born, the 100% natural, cruelty-free, vegan and sustaniable beauty brand that is taking the clean beauty space by storm. Over coffees in their shared office space in London towards the end of last year, we discuss everything from why, as a young, agile start-up, they’re not afraid to push back on industry norms and how that’s helped to cement BYBI as a market leader in the clean beauty space. We also discuss what their journey from novice Co-Founders seeking a start-up loan to fundraising pros who’ve gone on to raise SEIS investment and two subsequent rounds of funding from VCs involved in reality behind the scenes. The challenges of managing and sustaining a team who are as passionate about the business as they are; the never ending challenges of managing supply and demand; plus how they deal with rejection on a daily basis as Founders, be it from customers,  investors and/or retailers alike are all topics that come up for discussion too.

To say that these two are ambitious is an understatement.

With plans to become the leading beauty brand in the market going forward, they are the perfect antidote to the winter blues in my opinion should you find yourself lacking motivation and/or self-belief wherever you might be listening to this episode from today…

female entrepreneurs in the UK

Dominika (L) and Elsie (R), Co-Founders of BYBI

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