A spotlight on: Celia Pool, 37, Co-Founder of DAME

Celia Pool, Co-Founder of DAME

On a sunny afternoon in London last month, I sat down with Celia Pool, the Co-Founder of DAME, to discuss the journey that she’s been on behind the glowing headlines that her company has received so far. Having launched the first reusable tampon applicator at the start of last year in a much-needed mission to cut plastic pollution from periods, the list of accolades that DAME has collated already is more than many companies receive in their entire life span.

Having struggled to secure investment the traditional way – turns out investors who are typically male and over sixty, couldn’t see the business potential for a sustainable period product that women would use once a month (!) – Celia, along with her Co-Founder Alec, launched a Kickstarter campaign to launch ‘D’ that went on to exceed its target by 500%, attracted backers from over fifty countries, gaining worldwide media attention as a consequence; and trended globally on Twitter too. What is more, Waitrose contacted DAME requesting exclusive rights to stock ‘D’ in all three hundred of their stores… all before the product even existed. Since then, the applicator has gone on to win a coveted Dezeen award, the company have donated over 100,000 period products to charity partners like Bloody Good Period, and if that’s not enough, the day before our chat, Holly and Phil were discussing DAME’s credentials on This Morning too!

With that in mind, Celia and I discuss everything from the challenges they’ve faced trying to get women to change long-rooted habits when it comes to their monthly cycle; her advice for anyone looking to go into business with a Co-Founder; to how she balances running a business with motherhood, given that she was heavily pregnant with her third child at the time of this recording! With ambitious plans for DAME and its mission to make more bathroom products eco-friendly going forward too, we also discuss how she handles the pressures of playing big and why she genuinely believes that anyone could launch a business if she can…

Celia Pool, Co-Founder of DAME - the company that launched the world's first reusable tampon applicator

Celia Pool, Co-Founder of DAME

For more information on Celia Pool and DAME….

Visit the DAME website here or find DAME on Instagram: @dameforgood

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