A spotlight on: Charlotte Jones, 25, Founder of Charlotte Elizabeth

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If you were at the third She can. She did. – Midweek Mingle in London back in August 2018, you will recognise this week’s podcast guest because it just so happens to be the undeniably talented designer and Founder of Charlotte Elizabeth the British ladies handbag brand that rose to fame in 2018, when none other than Megan Markle was spotted carrying one of Charlotte’s classic designs, in her last public engagement before the Royal Wedding.

No big deal eh..!

When we first met in the summer that followed the wedding therefore, it’s safe to say that Charlotte was still very much knee-deep in ‘Megan mania‘. Overnight, Charlotte Elizabeth, a business that started very much from Charlotte’s bedroom as a teenager became a global talking point with orders flooding in at a rate that many designers will only ever dream of. With that in mind, I invited Charlotte over to mine on a Friday afternoon last fortnight and asked her to unveil what that sudden influx and demand, meant for both her and her business behind the scenes in reality. She also (importantly) highlights the good few years of work and hardship that came prior to that apparent ‘overnight success’; how she’s managed to visualise so many key moments in the company’s history before they materialise; why she decided to move all manufacturing of the bags from Britain to Spain and why, in her opinion, finding your purpose in life is the biggest pillar of health.

At 25, this woman has overcome more hardships in the past decade than many do in a lifetime so it was an absolute joy and privelege to spend an afternoon with her for proper catch ups and find out the ins and outs of her story in full…

inspiring women in the UK

A Friday afternoon spent chatting to the wonderful Charlotte Jones, 25, Founder of Charlotte Elizabeth


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