A spotlight on: Donna Hay, Founder of WILDWOMAN
Donna Hay, Founder of WILDWOMAN

There are certain interviews that help to remind me why I care so much about debunking the ‘girl boss’ myth and providing the honest realities that female business owners face behind the scenes instead and this conversation with Donna Hay, Founder of WILDWOMAN happens to be one of them.

Having launched the UK’s first non-fiction, book subscription box for women in 2018 (after two years of research and preparation that is), I sat down for a natter with the Brighton-based Queen of Self care herself (over Zoom of course) to find out what her story has involved in full.

We discuss everything from her thoughts on the dangers of the #girlboss overnight success culture, how it led her to set unobtainable goals for Wildwoman’s launch and how she went about combatting her defeatist mindset post-launch; to why she’s recently made the decision to switch off all paid advertising and how she held her ground when those closest to her challenged her pricing strategy early on. Not forgetting how the pandemic has impacted her plans for the business this year and why her and her Mum chose to take a number of risks in spite of the growing uncertainty; to why she likens her business journey to that of being on a log flume, not a rollercoaster… this chat with Donna came at the right time for me personally and is an interview that I will be referring to, countless times from now on, I’m sure. Enjoy!

 Listen to Donna’s story in full here:

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