If you’re reading this on our brand new website now, you will know that on Wednesday 16th September, we launched the first and only Benefits Programme for all female business owners in the UK, that provides them with access to the health, financial and lifestyle benefits and incentives that they deserve, to support their journey, build confidence and reward their hard work.

An idea that first popped into my head back in June 2018 (after noticing recurring challenges crop up in pretty much every interview that I was having with female founders at the time) and as of September 2020, became a reality.

With that in mind, given that for many of you this will be the first time I’ve spoken to you about this – shout out to those of you that found out about this a while back, kept it secret and have put up with my endless research questions over the past two years – I wanted to share why I decided to launch this idea for female business owners in the UK and let you in on why I’ve felt so passionate about bringing it to life since it first popped into my head!

Even though every ounce of me is fighting the urge to just write: ‘Because we deserve it’…

Fiona Grayson, Founder of She can. She did.

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