The Story So Far…

Tickets for Midweek Mingles sold across 20 events in 7 cities
In-depth interviews with female founders. 86 (& counting) on the podcast
Cups of coffee, celebrations and laptops nearly out of windows
The first and only Benefits Programme curated for and by female business owners in the UK

From day one, our founder Fiona Grayson has fully embraced sharing the rollercoaster journey of self-employment in all its guts and glory. And what a ride it’s been! We believe that in order to get to where you’re going, you always have to remember where you’ve been, so we wanted to share our journey (the real stuff, not just the good bits!)

The Story Behind the Stats…

August 2017

Fi left the corporate world to set up She can. She did. from her kitchen table. Kicking off the first of many interviews in a converted horse truck-turned prosecco van at an event in Milton Keynes a few weeks later, the original weekly written interviews were born…

April 2018

After learning that the two main challenges holding women back from launching a business were a lack of role models their age to aspire to and a lack of un-intimidating networking opportunities, tickets for the first She can. She did. – Midweek Mingle go on sale and sell out in 48 hours. Celebratory gin was consumed.

June 2018

Having noticed recurring challenges crop up in pretty much every interview – that echoed Fi’s own experiences as a self-employed woman who’d walked away from a corporate career to go solo – the idea for the She can. She did. Benefits Platform was born…

August 2018

On her 26th birthday, Fi pitches the idea for the Benefits Programme to a VC fund for the first time (the day after the 3rd ever Midweek Mingle FYI). They said: “great idea but you need to get it off the ground first if we’re to invest!” The chicken vs egg scenario with investment begins.

Fiona Grayson, Founder of She can. She did.

September 2018

Fi receives an offer to invest in the Benefits Platform for self-employed womxn but said investor wants 40% of the business so she walks away. Tears were shed – we won’t lie – but it made her more determined to find a way to launch it.

October 2018

Determined to prove that you don’t have to live in a big city to launch a successful business, after three sold-out London events, we announced our first sponsor, Xero, that allowed later Mingles to take place across the UK. We hit Bristol, Manchester and Brighton in Fi’s rusty old Corsa (RIP) and the quarterly roadshows were born.

December 2018

Having felt left out when she no longer had an office Christmas party to go to the previous year, Fi launches The Midweek Jingle in London to give female founders the end of year party they deserve! The She can. She did. version of Twelve Days of Christmas was born too..!

Recording the She can. She did. podcast

January 2019

After 18 months of transcribing the weekly interviews and multiple requests to move over to the podcast world, the first episode of the She can. She did. podcast was recorded! It landed at #8 in the Business Podcast charts, climbing to #5 shortly after. *cue the celebrations*

May 2019

Fi is asked to host an event for Swarovski interviewing women she’s grown up admiring. She spends five minutes in the ladies before the event starts standing like superwoman in the mirror à la Amy Cuddy in an attempt to battle off a whole lot of imposter syndrome. We’re not kidding. Speaking invitations with the likes of Dior, Burt’s Bees and Planet Organic follow.

support for small business owners

March 2020

After 20 Midweek Mingles in 7 cities around the UK, Covid brings the roadshows to an abrupt halt. Determined to cut through the noise and panic online, Fi launches the We can. We will. daily bonus series to encourage founders to dig deep and persevere. With zero marketing spend, it goes on to spend a week trending in the UK’s top business podcasts.

April 2020

After no longer being in a position to invest because of Covid, a potential investor encourages Fi to start small and get the Benefits Programme off the ground in any way that she can. Enlisting the help of Jess, Nat, Maddy and Steph, work starts immediately to bring the She can. She did. Benefits Platform to life without investment.

September 2020

After five months of endless Zoom meetings, Whatsapps, tech issues and headaches, we finally built the first-of-its-kind Benefits Programme curated for all female business owners in the UK on a very tight budget. We won’t lie, it crashed A LOT…  But *touch wood* we’re good to go… Cue the next chapter!

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