We can. We will. – Responding to Covid-19 with Eloise Frank, Co-Founder of The Big Bakes

Eloise Frank, The Big Bakes

When I went to visit Eloise in January for the regular podcast interviews, the Co-Founder of The Big Bakes (aka. the popular Great British Bake Off-style pop-up experiences for friends and families) had just launched The Big Bakes in Birmingham after the ongoing success of the The Big London Bake; had grown her team to 25; and was gearing up to launch more Big Bakes throughout 2020 in more of the UK’s largest cities…

Given that The Big Bakes rely on public bookings to make money though, when news of Covid-19’s severity started to gain momentum and the nation started mentally preparing for lockdown, The Big Bakes team were inundated with enquiries from members of the public about their bookings and Eloise and her Co-Founder Adam were forced to close both tents.

With that in mind, I caught up with Eloise on Friday afternoon via Zoom to find out what she has prioritised over the past couple of months to ensure that The Big Bakes survives… From growing their social presence with recipes, interactive bake alongs and some pretty amazing giveaways; furloughing staff to ensure that the whole team still gets paid (and how she’s gone about making sure that the team stay connected throughout this time); to how Eloise is spending her days now and ensuring that she’s looking after herself throughout this surreal time as well; every time I interview Eloise I always admire her perspective – she has a unique ability to articulate complex business decisions in a really down to earth way which I’m always grateful for – and for that reason, I’m hoping that you will find her observations as useful as I did…



The She can. She did. podcast is hosted by Fiona Grayson (that’s me, hello!) and this bonus series is sponsored by Tide Business Current Accounts. Read the latest news, updates and help for small businesses during the Coronavirus outbreak on their dedicated hub: www.tide.co/blog/coronavirus


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