A spotlight on: Emma Watkinson, Co-Founder of Silk Fred
Emma Watkinson, Co-Founder, Silk Fred

As the We can. We will. series came to an end in May, I received a personal email from Emma Watkinson, Co-Founder of Silk Fred sharing her story with me and knew straight away that I wanted her to feature on this series. Not just because she launched her business aged 24 nine and a half years ago and together with her two co-founders, has grown a team of over 100 employees since then; partnered with over 800 independent fashion labels; and grown a dedicated customer base of over one million women; but because despite being at the helm of such a huge company juggling the pressures of running an online fashion business during this pandemic, she made the effort to reach out to me personally…

Something that is pretty much unheard of for a founder running a company of her size and something that little old me respected no end.

If you haven’t heard of Silk Fred, it’s an online fashion platform connecting independent designers with over a million, loyal customers.

From why she’s always pushed back against conventional wisdom since day one opting to focus solely on the company’s data at hand instead; how she navigated SilkFred’s exceptional growth and her honest thoughts on the growing pains that the company endured thereafter; to her thoughts on juggling being the CEO of a 100+ team whilst raising her two-year-old twin girls too; plus of course, how she navigated a 90% drop in sales when the UK went into lockdown in March; Emma’s humility and honesty throughout this episode will stay with me for a long time to come. Her story should also provide a handy reference point for those wanting to scale their businesses going forward… I hope you enjoy it!


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