What is She can. She did.?

She can. She did. is the first-of-its-kind platform to put an honest spotlight on female founders in the UK. Documenting their highs, lows and everything else in between, She can. She did. aims to encourage as many female founders to persevere (by highlighting that setbacks en route are oh so normal!) as well as encourage aspiring founders that launching a business is possible – no matter what age you are – but only if you’re willing to grit your teeth and work seriously hard!

Rumour has it you're launching something new...

So it’s true what they say about good news travelling fast! You’re absolutely right, hence why this website is under lock and key for a while! The next phase of She can. She did. popped into Fi’s head back in June 2018 (after noticing recurring challenges crop up for female founders in pretty much every interview she’d done since launching the platform in the summer of 2017) so to say that this launch has been a long time coming is an understatement. After a potential investor fell through once the UK went into lockdown, like so many female founders, Covid-19 gave Fi the kick up the bum to rethink her strategy. She’s now gearing up to launch without investment… We will be revealing all soon – September, hint, hint – so please do look out for updates on here and Instagram! The butterflies are kicking in. We can’t wait to hear what you think…

How do I get involved?

The She can. She did. podcast is available to listen to across all podcast providers for your weekly dose of inspiration and motivation! Previous guests include Grace Beverly (Tala, Shreddy + BND), Selma Nicholls (Looks Like Me) and Lydia Millen (Fashion + Lifestyle Blogger), plus 70+ more, so whether you’re running a product-based business, service-based business or you’re still in the dreaming/planning stage, there’s a whole lot of incredible female founders to listen to and learn from. We really hope you enjoy it! Up until March 2020 (when Covid-19 came along), you could join us at the She can. She did. Midweek Mingles that take place in cities across the UK too… If you’re missing mingling as much as we are, take a trip down memory lane to see what we got up to at each of the 20 Mingles to date here. Whilst it doesn’t compare to the real thing, we know, we hope it reminds you of what’s coming your way when we’re all allowed to see each other again and the Midweek Mingles return!

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