We can. We will. - Responding to Covid-19 with... me!
Fiona Grayson, Founder of She can. She did.

As this series draws to a close today, for the first time since launching the She can. She did. podcast, I decided to put myself in the hot seat today and ask my good friend (aka. Natalie Moores, one half of my favourite marketing duo that is Mac + Mooreto interview me (*cue the sweats*) about how the coronavirus has impacted both me and my plans for She can. She did. behind the scenes too.

(Because truth be told, I’d feel like I’d be letting the side down somewhat, had I asked everyone to share how Covid-19 has impacted them in detail whilst staying quiet myself, pretending that it’s all been plain sailing for me!)

Plus, given that She can. She did. might look a little different in the months to come – if all goes to plan, that is – I also wanted to let you know where I will be focusing my energy once this final episode goes live and these daily podcasts that have been provided quite a comforting (albeit marginally stressful!) routine over the past few weeks, come to an end…

From the early-March panic and my decision to postpone The Midweek Mingle roadshow; the mounting pressure I felt to respond to the panic I was seeing on Instagram from the She can. She did. audience and why I decided to launch this daily series as a result; to my mid-April Zoom call with a female investor and the kick up the bum that call gave me to take matters into my own hands when it comes to long-term plans for She can. She did. going forward; this is how the past two months have played out for me behind the scenes and where I will be channelling my energy from the moment I push this final episode of this series live…

What a turbulent, testing and just downright bonkers few weeks it’s been girls! Wherever you are listening to this right now, I really do hope that you enjoy the episode/ find it to be of comfort in some way and thank you all so much for tuning in to this series daily. From the bottom of my heart, it’s meant millions.

Fi x



The She can. She did. podcast is hosted by Fiona Grayson (that’s me, hello!) and this bonus series is sponsored by Tide Business Current Accounts. Read the latest news, updates and help for small businesses during the Coronavirus outbreak on their dedicated hub: www.tide.co/blog/coronavirus

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