We can. We will. – Responding to Covid-19 with Sophie Tea, Founder of SOPHIE TEA ART

Sophie Tea Art

For someone with a schedule as jam-packed as Sophie’s is (spend two minutes scrolling through her Instagram feed and you’ll see what I mean), Sophie is and always has been so generous with her time and advice – something that makes the wave of success that she’s riding at present, all the more well-deserved in my opinion. So I don’t know why I was surprised when I received a DM on the back of announcing this new series last fortnight, saying, in true Sophie style, “babes, I’ll do one!”

Having landed in Australia two days before the UK went into lockdown, over the past fortnight Sophie has battled with various challenges that have emerged for the Sophie Tea brand in the wake of the world’s response to the coronavirus outbreak. Yet in the midst of that, as she goes on to say, in many ways the pandemic has forced her to reassess her business model and has given her permission to focus solely on being the creative that she is. Having caught the attention of the prestigious Saatchi Gallery and Sotherby’s in recent weeks, adapted her payment plans and raised thousands of pounds for charity in the most creative ways possible, this is how the past few weeks have played out for Sophie and her team back in London and how together, they’ve adapted their offerings to ensure that the Sophie Tea brand continues to soar…




Want to know more about the bonus ‘We can. We will.’ episodes of the She can. She did. podcast?

You can find out the whats and whys here!

Please do keep an eye out for tomorrow’s episode too, in which I’ll be chatting to another of the UK’s most inspiring female founders – the amazing Anna Ward, Co-Founder of Cake Drop – about how she’s coping behind the scenes and adapting her business model to survive the COVID-19 storm…

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