A spotlight on: Gabi Cox, 27, Founder of Chroma Stationery

Gabi Cox, the 27 year old female entrepreneur and Founder of Chroma Stationery

For this week’s podcast, I ventured to the City of Bristol to natter with the young, female entrepreneur that is Gabi Cox – a woman who I happen to have admired for ages, fell a bit in love with when she spoke at the first Bristol Midweek Mingle last October (if you haven’t seen the photos of some of Gabi’s facial expressions that she made whilst she was speaking, I highly recommend taking a peek for yourself here – they’re quite something!) and knew from the minute I launched the She can. She did. podcast, that I wanted to natter to Gabi about her experience launching Chroma Stationery in full on here.

To set the scene, in her final year of university, Gabi launched Chroma Stationery – the personalised stationery brand that now customises diaries and notebooks for stationery lovers in over 28 countries as well as for corporations including American Airlines, Boots and ITV. Naturally therefore, we spoke about her experience launching a business as a student and running a Kickstarter campaign as a twenty-two year old when crowdfunding campaigns were nowhere near as common as they are today; her experience working with corporations given that she had zero experience working with large companies prior to launching her business and her personalised approach to influencer marketing that led to the likes of Lily Pebbles and Zoella sharing her products; plus how she’s managed the transition from working on her own to growing and managing a team of six, again with zero management experience behind her.

Having lived with Chron’s Disease all her life and spent the first four months of 2019 bed bound, not being able to work personally on Chroma Stationery owing to the disease flaring up once again, Gabi also opens up about the realities of running a business when you suffer from a chronic condition that at present, has no cure.

Essentially, she’s a massive inspiration, we had a real giggle recording this and as always, I hope you enjoy listening to our chat…

Gabi Cox, the 27 year old female entrepreneur and Founder of Chroma Stationery

Gabi Cox, 27, Founder of Chroma Stationery

For more information on Gabi Cox and Chroma Stationery…

Visit the Chroma Stationery website here or find them on Instagram: @chromastationery

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