We can. We will. – Responding to Covid-19 with Grace Beverley, Founder of TALA, SHREDDY + B_ND STORE

Grace Beverley, Founder of TALA

Earlier this week, I got to catch up with the powerhouse that is Grace Beverley who at 22 is not just the Founder of one business but the Founder and Director of three companies that have, over the course of the past twelve months, each found a successful niche in the heavily saturated industry that is health and fitness.

Having first met Grace in December 2018, when she spoke on the panel at the first ever She can. She did. – Midweek Jingle in London, I’ve watched in awe as her personal brand exploded last year and her three companies have taken the fitness industry by storm.

From Tala – the sustainable and ethical sportswear brand made from recycled plastic bottles and factory offcuts; Shreddy – the app that provides its users with home workouts, classes and recipes to keep us all fit no matter where in the world we find ourselves to be; to B_ND – the premium gym equipment brand that compliments said home workouts – it’s unsurprising that the past few weeks have seen sales soar across all three companies. As regular gym goers have scrambled to find new ways to work out from home and more and more of us turn to fitness to keep both our physical and mental health in check as we all try our best to navigate this unprecedented way of life; I caught up with Grace via Zoom earlier this week to find out what impact the coronavirus has had not just on the sales and day-to-day running of her businesses but on her as a 22-year-old woman at the helm of all three too…

Having been awarded the well-deserved title of Natwest’s ‘Young Entrepreneur of The Year’ in 2019 and as recently as last fortnight, discovered that she’d topped the charts in this year’s prestigious Forbes ’30 under 30′ list (in the fiercely competitive retail and e-commerce section too); her maturity and humility throughout this chat failed to go unnoticed and I couldn’t have respected her answers more.




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Please do keep an eye out for next week’s episodes too, in which I’ll be chatting to more of the UK’s most inspiring female founders about how they’re coping behind the scenes and adapting their business models to survive the COVID-19 storm…

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