A spotlight on: Jessica Blackler, 23, Founder of Jecca Blac

Founder of Jecca Blac

There aren’t many twenty-three-year old women that can say they have successfully raised investment and launched their own make-up brand but then again, Jessica Blackler isn’t your average twenty-three year old!  Having Founded Jecca Blac – the vegan and cruelty-free make-up ‘for all genders, sexualities, expressions, abilities, pronouns, shapes and sizes’ – in her late teens after gaining multiple clients as a freelance MUA, who were transitioning or who’d already transitioned, the story that Jessica has been on since then is quite remarkable.

From how she grew a dedicated client base of trans women who went on to influence the entire Jecca Blac range (which includes an incredible story of how she ran workshops with transitioning prisoners within one of the UK’s largest all-male prisons in Bridgend as a teenager); how she gained the support of L’Oreal’s Innovation Team, grew a network of other like-minded entrepreneurs and her experience seeking investment as a young women trying to break down the stigma associated with gender transitioning; to how her relationships have evolved as Jecca Blac’s grown given that at 23, her current circumstances are starkly different to some of her friends; there’s an unwavering aura of confidence that Jessica possesses in not just her brand but her ability to grow it into the empire that it has the potential to become and for that reason, I won’t be forgetting this chat anytime soon.

Founder of Jecca Blac

Jessica Blackler, 23, Founder of Jecca Blac

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Take a peek at the Jecca Blac website here or find Jecca Blac on Instagram: @jeccablac

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