We can. We will. – Responding to Covid-19 with Kassi Emadi, Founder of NUDDY

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If any of you have popped to the shops in recent weeks, I have no doubt that if you’re supermarkets are anything like mine (!) you would have struggled to get your hands on those all-important cleaning products that pre-corona were simply part and parcel of your bog standard shop.

In the past three weeks however, as the nation approached lockdown and stockpiling went into overdrive, I think it’s fair to say that they’ve become something of luxury items with everything from soap to antibac in unprecedented demand.

As the Founder of Nuddy – aka. the vegan, plastic free and cruelty free soap brand that aims to make bars of soap cool once again – Kassi Emadi has (unsurprisingly) had a pretty manic few weeks.

Whilst Nuddy’s wholesale trade – which up until recently has been its primary focus – has dropped off the radar in recent weeks, this is the uplifting story of how Kassi has pivoted her focus in recent days and the reality of what a 700% increase in direct to consumer sales has meant for her, her business and her Mum and Dad who she’s roped in to help too (legends!) behind the scenes. Whilst it’s safe to say that it hasn’t been the smoothest ride, I couldn’t have loved recording this interview more and hope that Kassi’s enthusiasm, positivity and determination to meet demand inspires you, as much as it did me on Monday afternoon when we recorded this chat.

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