A spotlight on: Kat Horrocks, Women's Life Coach and Founder of Put Yourself First
Kat Horrocks

I can safely say that this week’s guest is one of the most genuine and kind women that I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know over the past couple of years. The lady in question is Kat Horrocks, the make-up artist turned life coach that I met for the first time when I took the She can. She did. Midweek Mingles up to Manchester in 2018, who empowers women to achieve their goals and put themselves first.

From how she combatted the fear of transitioning from the make-up business that she ran for the four years prior to becoming a coach and how she went about battling off the imposter syndrome and not so supportive opinions of others that came hand-in-hand with that transition; how she held her nerve and continued to show up when the money wasn’t always there in the early days; to her thoughts on the integrity of the online coaching space, given that it’s not regulated and anyone can claim to be an expert in anything and everything online; this is Kat’s very honest story so far… 

 Listen to Kat’s story in full here:

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