We can. We will. – Responding to Covid-19 with Krissy Cela, Founder of TONE + SCULPT

Krissy Cela, Founder of Tone & Scuplt
Yesterday afternoon, I had the pleasure of chatting to the fitness powerhouse that is Krissy Cela, Founder of the incredibly successful brand that is Tone + Sculpt – the fitness app that provides home and gym workouts for users that Krissy launched at the start of 2019.
Given that gym goers worldwide have scrambled to find decent home workouts in recent weeks and the pivotal role of exercise when it comes to managing not just our physical heath but mental health too is more obvious than ever before since the UK went into lockdown, I wanted to find out how Krissy and her team have responded to the increased demand for apps like Tone + Scuplt since early March and how she plans to retain new customers when the gyms re-open…
With so many eyes and ears looking to her for answers on a daily basis, I was also interested to find out how she handled the responsibility of responding to the crisis and figuring out what to say to her two million plus followers. This is what she had to say…

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