A spotlight on: Lauren Armes, Founder of Welltodo
Lauren Armes, Well To Do Global

A few weeks back, I had the pleasure of chatting to Lauren Armes over Zoom for this week’s episode who happens to be the ever so amicable Founder of the industry-leading wellness platform that is Welltodo – a company with global reach that she launched five years ago (with a logo designed in Microsoft Paint by Lauren herself I should add!) that now comfortably turns over six figures each year, through its ever-growing readership, successful event series and career platform.

We chat about what Lauren’s days prior to launching Welltodo looked like, when she spent months toying with the idea of launching everything from a healthy coffee alternative to London’s latest juice bararound a job that she despised and how she stayed motivated before landing on her ‘lightbulb’ moment. We also discuss why she’s stopped treating personal development as a ‘nice to have’ and instead embraced it wholly as an essential tool for growth – both personally and professionally. Plus how she navigates the fine line between growing and nurturing a really close team whilst juggling the sometimes difficult conversations that are part and parcel of being the boss; and how a declined card forced her to shift her mindset towards money and her advice for female founders who might not feel comfortable dealing with numbers…

There were so many parallels between Lauren’s experience and my own journey launching She can. She did. – so much so that I found myself nodding to pretty much everything she said – so I really do hope you find what she had to say as inspiring as I did. This is Lauren’s story to date…


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