A spotlight on: Lauren Currie, OBE, Founder of Upfront and Stride
Lauren Currie, OBE

After a brief hiatus as we got the She can. She did. Benefits Programme off the ground, it feels pretty good to be reunited with my headphones and mic and back interviewing some of the UK’s most inspiring female founders once again… and my first chat with Lauren Currie didn’t disappoint!

I have no doubt that a lot of you will already be aware of Lauren Currie’s businesses and the incredible work that she does to enhance the visibility and confidence of women all over but just in case you haven’t, UPFRONT is a business committed to elevating and encouraging new voices on and off public stages around the world and Stride is an app that’s committed to democratizing leadership development for the workforce of the future.

From how she handles the loneliness and imposter syndrome that can often come hand-in-hand with being a business owner; how she navigated the period in her life before she met her partner when she was told that she was “too much” for men; to how sticking a post it note in the ladies bathroom at a conference where she was the only female speaker led Lauren to create what is now UPFRONT; choosing the soundbite for this episode has proved to be very stressful because every other sentence of hers, as you’ll soon hear, was filled with SO MUCH GOOD ADVICE!! With that in mind, I hope you enjoy it!

This is Lauren Currie’s story to date….


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