A spotlight on: Julia Franckh, Founder of Let Me Be Franckh

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When a guest turns up to the interview with a takeaway coffee in hand for yours truly, I won’t lie, my gut instinct tells me straight away that it’s going to be a good recording and this week’s interviewee, aka. the incredibly intelligent and thought-provoking female founder that is Julia Franckh, I’m pleased to say, did exactly that!

Having studied cognitive science followed by a masters in social psychology at Brown University in the States, Julia Franckh is a self-employed business psychologist based in London who also happens to be the Founder of Let Me Be Franckh – the service-based company that through 1:1 coaching, workshops, and in-house training, helps individuals, teams, and organisations identify the root cause of the challenges that they face and develop a concrete and tangible action plan to help overcome them thereafter.

In this episode, she opens up to me about why the most challenging hat she’s had to wear as a female founder is not wearing the hat and outsourcing to someone else! We also chat about why she’s actively sought out friends and a network in the UK who consciously challenge her; how she approached marketing given that anyone and everyone can claim to be an expert in anything online nowadays; and her thoughts on the pros and cons of doing work for free in the early days when you’re looking to establish yourself and your brand in the market…  Given that she’s a business psychologist, I couldn’t not ask her to share some top tips for managing stress too!

She really is one very inspiring woman and because of that, I have a feeling (if you’re anything like me, that is!) that you’ll find this episode to be a particularly memorable one!

Julia Franckh, Founder of Let Me Be Franckh

The utterly charming Julia Franckh, Founder of Let Me Be Franckh

Fancy finding out more about Julia and Let Me Be Franckh…

Take a peek at the Let Me Be Franckh website here or find Julia on Instagram: @letmebefranckh

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