We can. We will. – Responding to Covid-19 with Lydia Millen

Lydia Millen

On Friday afternoon last week, I got to chat to the powerhouse that is Lydia Millen, aka. one of the UK’s leading fashion, beauty and lifestyle creators who has amassed an audience of over 1.5 million followers since launching her blog nine years ago…

Working on a regular basis with brands like Armani, L’Oreal, By Terry, GHD and Givenchy to name but a few, having grown her audience organically and got to understand their motives inside out because of that, when Lydia finds a product that her audience will love, said product sells out within minutes…

(Ask H&M… her campaign with the brand last year happened to be their most successful fashion campaign for 2019!)

For that reason, given that in times of crisis, many turn to their favourite influencers for escapism; others turn to them for answers and reassurance; and then there’s the pesky little trolls that pipe up and cease the opportunity to be more vicious and condemning than ever before; I wanted to find out how the coronavirus outbreak has impacted Lydia’s day-to-day runnings of the business, the partnership deals that she has with brands at present and her longer-term strategy for her brand moving forward.

With a team of four to manage directly, her first (v. exciting) product-launch brewing and various brand partnerships on pause whilst we’re in lockdown, this is what she had to say…



Want to know more about the bonus ‘We can. We will.’ episodes of the She can. She did. podcast?

You can find out the whats and whys here!

Please do keep an eye out for tomorrow’s episode too, in which I’ll be chatting to another of the UK’s top female business owners – the wonderful Rachel Burgess, Founder of the Rachel Burgess Bridal Boutique in Penarth, Wales – about how she’s coping behind the scenes and her advice for fellow female founders who are trying to adapt their business model to survive the COVID-19 storm too…


The She can. She did. podcast is hosted by Fiona Grayson (that’s me, hello!) and this bonus series is sponsored by Tide Business Current Accounts. Read the latest news, updates and help for small businesses during the Coronavirus outbreak on their dedicated hub: www.tide.co/blog/coronavirus

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