We can. We will. – Responding to Covid-19 with Natalia Talkowska, Founder of NATALKA DESIGN + DOODLELEDO

Natalia Talkowska, Founder of Natalka Design

To round off week four of this bonus series, I spoke to my good friend and one of the most creative women I know, Natalia Talkowska – the Founder of the London-based creative design agency focused on visual storytelling that is Natalka Design and Doodleledo – the interactive experiences that take place all over the world, for anyone that thinks they can’t draw.

With a client list that includes YouTube, Google, Microsoft, LinkedIn, Twitter, Sony, Samsung and Disney… (this list goes on…!) prior to the coronavirus outbreak, Nat’s days would be spent travelling to conferences and events all over the world with her team in order to turn key messages from presentations and speeches into visual drawings that could be digested quickly.

As the Natalka Design slogan says, she ‘draw(s) peoples attention for you!’

Given that events all over the world have come to a standstill though, this is how the past few weeks have played out for Nat and how she’s adapted both business models to ensure that both companies stay relevant in the weeks to come… We were a tad giddy recording this last week because we were both signing off for Easter… I hope you enjoy it!



Want to know more about the bonus ‘We can. We will.’ episodes of the She can. She did. podcast?

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Please do keep an eye out for next Monday’s episode too, in which I’ll be chatting to another of the UK’s top female business owners – the powerhouse that is Lydia Millen – about how she’s coping behind the scenes and her advice for fellow female founders who are trying to adapt their business model to survive the COVID-19 storm too…


The She can. She did. podcast is hosted by Fiona Grayson (that’s me, hello!) and this bonus series is sponsored by Tide Business Current Accounts. Read the latest news, updates and help for small businesses during the Coronavirus outbreak on their dedicated hub: www.tide.co/blog/coronavirus

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