We can. We will. – Responding to Covid-19 with Natalie Raven, Founder of PARCEL

Natalie Raven, Founder of Parcel London

Earlier this year, I met the lovely lady that is Natalie Raven in a random meeting room somewhere in London (sounds ominous, I know!) to record one of the usual hour-long interviews for this podcast about the honest realities behind launching, running and growing Parcel to date.

When the UK went into lockdown however and I launched this bonus series in response to that, said regular interviews went on pause for a bit (because posting hour long episodes each day would drive me a little loopy, if I’m being honest!) so I reached out to Natalie to see if she fancied chatting to me in the meantime, on one of these bonus episodes instead!

Given that Parcel – the London-based gifting brand that Natalie launched in 2017 – was born from the simple notion that it’s nice to be nice, it’s safe to say that as the UK went into lockdown and the nation scrambled to find ways to show loved ones that we’re thinking of them, even if we’re not there, Natalie has been busier than ever before…

Yesterday afternoon therefore, the two of us caught up via trusty old Zoom so that I could find out what the realities of that increased demand at Parcel HQ (aka. Natalie’s house!) has looked and felt like behind the scenes. As a first-time Mum to be who is due in a matter of weeks too, I also wanted to find out how she is preparing for the little ones arrival whilst juggling the logistics of running a business that’s more in demand than ever.

If you’re a regular listener, you’ll know my feelings about any woman that juggles motherhood/impending motherhood with running a business too. To me, they are superwomen incarnate and Natalie only helped to cement that thought in this chat! This is what she had to say…




The She can. She did. podcast is hosted by Fiona Grayson (that’s me, hello!) and this bonus series is sponsored by Tide Business Current Accounts. Read the latest news, updates and help for small businesses during the Coronavirus outbreak on their dedicated hub: www.tide.co/blog/coronavirus

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