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Given that she delivers babies in her role as an NHS paediatrician one day and handles a multi-million pound funding round for Pando the next, it’s safe to say that thirty-year old Dr Lydia Yarlott isn’t your stereotypical business woman…

In 2016, during her first year as a junior doctor, Lydia Co-Founded Pando – the life-saving app that is revolutionising the NHS by connecting healthcare workers so that they can find each other easily and share confidential information about their patients securely. Born out of Lydia’s attempts to find a solution to the communication problems she was battling with on the wards as a junior doctor, Pando is now trusted by over 25,000 UK healthcare professionals, at the time of recording had raised £3million of investment with a second round of funding about to close and she, along with her two Co-Founders, now manage a team of 30 in London with imminent plans to go global…

Straight off the back of a twelve hour shift on the ward (seriously… the lady is superwoman incarnate!) Lydia joined me at Pando HQ in London to discuss the evolution of her story launching and growing Pando to date. Opening up about everything from how she’s learnt to embrace constructive feedback and tackle resistance to change from some hospitals head on, Lydia also reveals how her and her Co-Founders managed to win-over peers, healthcare professionals and select hospitals with their innovation thereafter. We also discuss how she finds the energy to work on Pando post-shift and why for Lydia, being a business woman is a matter of necessity in order make change; to the strain that Pando has sometimes put on Lydia’s marriage (given that she Co-Founded the company with her husband who is equally as passionate about the mission they’re on!), why she never wants to give up the day job and what self-care looks like for her when she isn’t working.

I went home feeling more energised than I have done in a long time after this recording so I’m hoping that after listing to our conversation, you’ll soon hear why…

Dr Lydia Yarlott, Co-Founder of Pando

Dr Lydia Yarlott, 30, Co-Founder of Pando


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