A spotlight on: Kerrie-Anne Bradley, 35, Founder of Pilates At Your Desk

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As someone that once upon a time used to commute into London and walk from Euston to my office in Haymarket twice daily, I have battled with the fact that – my morning workout aside – I sit on my bum behind my laptop for the majority of the day. When I discovered Kerrie-Anne Bradley’s business, otherwise known as Pilates At Your Desk therefore, everything about her brand and ethos spoke to me…

As a self-confessed ‘ex-professional sloucher’, the Economist-turned-pilates instructor launched Pilates At Your Desk after turning to the practice to combat an array of health problems including sciatica, a stiff neck and a dodgy knee! Now offering a corporate programme of pilates workshops and classes for businesses in London and beyond, as well as private classes too, Kerrie-Anne is on a mission to make us all move more… and for that, my step count and I are truly grateful.

(If you were at The Midweek Mingle back in July, you would have seen her in action in the opening Pilates At Your Desk, or in that case, Pilates At Your Chair, too!)

From how she dealt with sceptical comments about why on Earth she left her “proper job” for PAYD; how she’s learnt to value her time and her worth; plus the impact giving up alcohol has had on her life, self-worth and mindset towards the business too; I wasn’t expecting this chat to take the turn that it did but I have so much respect for the journey Kerrie-Anne has been through over the past few years and her vulnerability in this recording is a testament to what a brave woman she is…

Pilates At Your Desk

Kerrie-Anne Bradley, 35, Founder of Pilates At Your Desk

Fancy finding out more about Pilates At Your Desk…

Take a peek at the PAYD website here or find Kerrie-Anne on Instagram: @pilatesatyourdesk

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