A spotlight on: Jo Tutchener Sharp, Founder, Scamp & Dude

Jo Tutchener Sharp, Founder, Scamp & Dude

Scamp & Dude is one of the standout companies that I’ve come across since launching She can. She did. in my opinion, so between you and me, Jo’s name was jot down almost instantly when I was thinking of who I’d love to interview on this podcast.

For that reason, I am very excited to share this week’s episode.

Recorded in the living room of her stunning home (which you can get a glimpse of on her personal Instagram (@scampanddudejo), the former head of press for Estee Lauder and Tom Ford Beauty, turned business owner opens up about her story launching and growing Scamp & Dude to date – the multi-award winning, superpower infused clothing brand hailed by children and adults world-over, for the message behind its trademarked slogan, ‘a superhero has my back.’

After going through the notoriously stressful process of selling her previous PR company that she had launched and grown prior to Scamp & Dude, Jo suffered a brain haemorage which left her hospitalised with no choice but to undergo brain surgery in her late thirties. It was whilst she was in hospital, away from her sons – then aged 1 and 3 – that the idea for Scamp & Dude was born.

Over big cups of coffee (naturally!) the two of us sat down to chat about everything from the initial steps she took to get the clothing brand off the ground (whilst she was still recovering from brain surgery I must add) and how she ended up in the likes of Libertys within a matter of months; right through to how she went about galvanising hundreds of fellow business owners to help her confront one of the UK’s leading supermarkets head on when they blatantly copied her designs (and her advice for any of us should we find ourselves in a similar position).

There’s a lot to be learned from her story in my opinion and thankfully for us, she was forthcoming with advice. I hope you enjoy it!

Jo Tutchener Sharp, Founder, Scamp & Dude

Jo Tutchener Sharp, Founder of Scamp & Dude

Fancy finding out more about Scamp & Dude?

Take a peek at the Scamp & Dude website here or find Scamp & Dude and Jo on Instagram: @scampandddude @scampanddudejo

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