A spotlight on: Selma Nicholls, 39, Founder of Looks Like Me

Selma Nicholls, Founder, Looks Like Me

Not many people would sell both their home and their car to fund their business but that’s exactly what inspirational, single mum-of-one, Selma Nicholls did to turn her entrepreneurial dream into what is now, a successful reality. Why risk so much, might you ask? Because at the time she felt like she had no choice.

To say that the risk has paid off though would be an understatement…

Inspired by an innocent comment that her young daughter made after watching the remake of Annie four years ago, Selma went on to found Looks Like Me – the only child talent agency in the UK that is committed to challenging racial stereotypes in advertising that has since worked on national and international campaigns with the likes of Next and Tesco, and has just signed a global partnership with none other than Getty Images. From her candid thoughts on dealing with the pressure and loneliness that can come when you’re trying to make an impact on a scale unlike anything you’ve ever known before; her practical advice on funding from her initial Virgin Start Up loan of £7000 to selling her flat; to how she now uses PTSD from an attack in her early twenties as fire in her belly to fuel her ambition and success going forward; Selma is a woman worthy of every bit of success that comes her way in my opinion and I really hope that you take as much from her story as I did….

Inspiring female entrepreneurs in the UK - Selma Nicholls, Founder of Looks Like Me

Some of the amazing children that Looks Like Me represents…

Fancy finding out more about Looks Like Me…

Take a peek at the Looks Like Me website here or find Selma and Looks Like Me on Instagram: @lookslikemeuk @iamselmanicholls

Want more information on Virgin StartUp…

Virgin StartUp have just announced a public pledge to commit to a 50/50 funding target for women and men entrepreneurs by the end of 2020. The pledge represents a crucial step towards achieving gender balance for start-up investment in the UK but Virgin StartUp will also address the nationwide barriers faced by many women in business, such as childcare and gender based discrimination, including unconscious bias.  For more information on this initiative, visit their website here.

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