A spotlight on: Seyi Akiwowo, Founder of Glitch
Seyi Akiwowo

I had to start series 5 with today’s guest because quite simply, she’s a force to be reckoned with. Her name is Seyi Akiwowo and she’s the Founder of Glitch… or as she goes on to say in this episode, her “oops baby!” If you haven’t heard of Glitch, they’re a UK-based charity recognised internationally for working to make the online space safe for all… who just so happens to be our charity partner too!

(You can read more about that partnership here if you’re interested!)

Recorded back in November – a giant thank you to Seyi for her patience getting this one out – we sat down to chat about everything from the series of events at the hands of both trolls and social media platforms that led Seyi to get Glitch off the ground; how she went about growing a team and learning to lead from a place of love instead of fear; the relationship she’s been on with money over the years and why she sees her old debt as a battle scar. Not to mention the power of tuning in to watch Neighbours at lunchtime, and why she’s determined to ensure that Glitch is trauma informed but not trauma led…

If you haven’t checked Glitch out, I couldn’t recommend their work more.

 This is Seyi’s story so far…

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